Lynn Thompson
Handout for processing light trail and star trail images. This is the handout from the May program.

Processing notes from the light trails meeting.

  1. Open each image as an aligned layer in PS or Elements. (From LR highlight the images then edit in>open as layers in PS. Otherwise open the images in PS or Elements. Drag each image over the others while holding down the shiF key and using the move tool.)

  2. Each image will then become a layer.

  3. Change the blending mode of all but the bottom layer to “lighten.”

  4. Flatten the image.

  5. If you need to make a separate layer for the sky and elements of the image other than the light trails, process one of your images to your liking for the sky and other elements. Open that image with the flaMen image from step 4 as an aligned image in PS. Align the two images like the instruction in step 1.

  6. The bottom layer should be your image with the good sky. Create a layer mask with your top layer and paint away, with black, everything but the light streaks. Flatten and make ready for competition. 

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