Tempe Lake Photo Shoot




Our November 4 meeting will be a Photo Outing to Tempe Town Lake. We will meet on the North Shore, just east of the Mill Ave Bridge at 5:00pm. This should give us enough time to set up and capture activities on the water while waiting for sunset (5:33pm). During the Blue Hour, we can photograph building lights, lake reflections moving on to the various bridges later. Follow the link below to the Shoot Checklist detailing the subjects, techniques, gear and preparation to make the most out of this outing. Note that the document is saved in MS-Word to allow customization to your individual style.

There are several parking options in the area: East Lake View Drive and Tempe Town Lake Parking are the most convenient. For additional information, contact Dan Dragoon dan.dragoon@yahoo.com


Tempe Town Lake Shoot List Download.  (Click to download the checklist)


Meeting Spot and Parking Location.


















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