Towards the end of our camera club year, we mentioned that the ‘old’ website would no longer be updated.  As of this date, we are totally transitioned to the new Visual Pursuits (VP) website for all information, meeting updates, education pieces, items of interest, image galleries, and forums.  Bob Little, our webmaster, has been successful in working with VP’s support staff in keeping our current domain name “”  However, you need to know that IF you had a ‘bookmark’ or ‘favorite’ you may need to delete the old bookmark or favorite, and re-direct your computer to the VP site.  Once you delete your old bookmark or favorite, you can access the ‘new’ VP site by just typing and it should direct to the new site.  Once you’re on the VP site (you’ll know you are there if you see the “Login” button in the upper right hand corner…..the ‘old’ site did not have a login button), then, re-establish the bookmark or favorite.  While we’re talking about it, the ‘login’ button allows members to access certain parts of the website, so, it is for this main reason that IF you haven’t done so already, ALL members should request their user name and password from Wayne Divoky.  IF you have any questions or problems in re-directing to the VP site, please contact me or our webmaster; Bob Little for assistance – (here’s an incentive; all our phone numbers are on the website!)

This website is hosted by Visual Pursuits, a service provided by Software Pursuits, Inc.